LBNL Shuttle

The Laboratory provides onsite shuttle service (see the map and schedule of the on-site shuttle service) for its 130-acre site in the Berkeley Hills as well as off-site service from the Lab to nearby areas.

On weekdays, the Lab provides free off-site shuttle service for visitors and employees alike. The principal off-site shuttle operates from 6:20 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Buses run every ten minutes. For details, see the map and schedule of the off-site shuttle service.

The off-site shuttle service starts at the main Lab shuttle bus stop at Building 65, and travels along the perimeter of the University of California at Berkeley campus to the Berkeley BART station, and back to the Lab. Another off-site shuttle provides express service to and from the Rockridge BART station at select commute hours.

You can be picked up by the shuttle at any of the designated stops, where you'll find a sign indicating a Berkeley Lab bus stop. A useful stop for many people is the one in front of the Berkeley BART station, which is located on Center Street at the northwest corner of Shattuck Avenue and Center Street. Just get onto the shuttle like everyone else: If the driver asks you for identification, just say that you are a guest of a Lab activity. Once at the Lab, the shuttle stops at the main Lab shuttle bus stop at Building 65, where you can catch an onsite bus to anywhere at the Lab.

If you are taking the LBNL shuttle bus, your name will have to be on the guest list for the school. Show the driver your picture ID and let them know that you are an attendee for the School of Collective Dynamics. Ask the driver to let you off at the Cafeteria stop (Bldg 54). Walk down the stairs and you will be in front of the cafeteria. Enter the Cafeteria entrance, the meeting room is all the way in the back of the Cafeteria, called Perseverance Hall.

After Hours Taxi

You will need a taxi voucher from the guest house or an LBNL Shuttle Pass to get this service for free. Please visit the After Hours Taxi website for more information.